Gerade eben habe ich auf Facebook folgende freudige Neuigkeit erfahren:

This day last month we told you of what was to come and today we are happy to say that 2.5 is available in Marketplace. I am sure this last month of waiting has been frustrating but we didn’t want to give exact dates in case we had to then disappoint you all.

It is probably too early for the Marketplace tile to tell you there is an update but if you search for “Facebook” in the Marketplace and go to the app page you should get an “update” button

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now!

Damit bringt das Team von Microsoft nun in kürzester Zeit ein weiteres Update für das beliebte soziale Netzwerk heraus. Falls ihr euch wundert, warum das Update nicht auf der Marketplace-Kachel angezeigt wird, das scheint normal zu sein. Updaten könnt ihr dennoch über den Marketplace, einfach nach Facebook suchen, und kommt könnt ihr über den „aktualisieren“ Button die neue Version herunter laden.

Changelog (ein Dank an: abandi01)

  • Threaded messaging
    Full Facebook threaded messaging including group messaging, all in a beautiful Metro style design.
  • Tagging
    Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the ‘with’ and ‘at’ format.
  • Delete posts and comments
    Use the tap and hold context menu to delete posts and comments from your wall.
  • Active links in posts
    Tap on links in posts to go directly to the content.
  • Updates to the photo comments and likes page
    The photo comments and likes page has been updated to match the posts comments and likes page. You can see a hint of the image at the top of the page, pull down and you can see the whole thing.
  • And finally, by popular demand… you can now ‘like’ comments!